Ski update. This spring is shaping up to be the best ski conditions Valdez has seen in several years.  Hopefully it stays nice for all our friends planning their AK dream trips come March and April.  We are playing host for several groups of friends rolling up here starting with a friend of a friend for a week starting the 24th of this month.  A bit of a break and James will arrive for 3 weeks, and the last two of those during Tailgate Alaska he will be joined by Curry, Bubbles, Jerrod and Theo.  As soon as they ship out Ben literally gets here the same day during the start of the World Heli Challenge and we are planning a hut based boat-in boat-out ski trip out at some cabins in the sound.. So much to look forward to in the final months of winter.

Here are some recent photos of our ski trips here lately.  A highlight was standing on top of both Tones Temple and Sapphire in the same day with Sarah.  We skied the NE face of Tones and then broke trail to the summit that gave us both frostbite last year. The most amazing position I have experienced in The Pass to date. Been soaking it all in but also looking forward to our big climbing road trip coming up this spring… More on that later!

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  1. Hmm, big road trip did you say? Hmmmm….. wonder what the ride will look like. Perhaps it will be more about the journey than the destination. Style does matter.

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