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Robyn and I took the ferry to Cordova, Alaska famous this year for having to call in the National Guard to remove snow during the latter part of December.  If you are curious you can youtube “Cordova Snowpocalypse”. In reality they didn’t get as much snow as we did in Valdez but people there are used to it snowing and then raining and melting.  This time it just kept snowing, and the locals didn’t get their roofs cleared before the rain came resulting in several crushed buildings from snow load.  They also have quite the history of Avalanche devastation with a few regular performing any paths leading down to the road near town.  This year an avalanche near town brought down 4 acres of forest with logs 3 foot in diameter. To go and teach an avalanche awareness to such a great and educated town was a privilege. We stayed in the Orca Adventure Lodge watched scores of sea otters from our window over the ocean and taught 2 days worth of classes.  On the last night we celebrated my 27th at some of the local bars and ended the night having dinner with Hoots and Kirsti, the avalanche forecasters for Cordova as well as our good friends.

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  1. That is a sweet shot off the back of the BOAT! Those Mountains looks sick! Shoup bay looks tasty too…

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