I can’t remember a day which has passed by slower than today.  It’s not like I haven’t been busy.. Taxes, email catchup, webmaster duties for 3 sites, catching up on the Valdez snowpack so I can get back to forecasting tomorrow – it’s all very time consuming.  But the  hustle and bustle of the CAA L1 can’t be matched in intensity.

The course is now over and done and I passed with marks landing me in the top 3 of the class. I was able to gather a bunch of photos from people, make some tweaks and put together a bit of a gallery of the trip that will be posted below.  Flying out in the chopper we were rewarded with some broken skies and views of the lake terrain around our hut.  As soon as I touched down I felt a strong urge to be back home with Robyn, and drove 10 hours to get back to my folks’ place in Pendleton by that evening.

Getting spun back up on the happenings here I can’t help but look forward again. In a way it’s annoying because I find myself always so anxious for the future, but then again if we didn’t have so much cool stuff planned it might be easier to live in the now.

February has Robyn and I heading to Cordova to teach an awareness over 4 days.  That will entail a ferry ride and a new town for me which will be super cool. It will also give us a chance to ski with our buddy Hoots, the any forecaster for the city.  As soon as we get back to Valdez my backcountry ski course will begin (students permitting) and I will be taking students from PWSCC out on ski trips twice a week until March.  March is when the Idaho faithful are making the pilgrimage up to AK to sample the goods and old friends will be in and out through the middle of April – no shortage of ski partners from here on out!

Here are some pics.

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  1. Thanks for the pix kid! Love the backlit sauna… very cool.

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