Hello outside world.  B.C. Backcountry reporting live. Our days here are running together and I will be back in the Explorer headed south again by Monday morning if all goes well. We have the chance of another 25 cm of snow with high winds in the next couple days so we might even get a little natural avalanche action to check out.

Dan, Sam and one of our instructors Mike.

The paper work, homework, work sheets and observations are relentless but it feels really good to get into a solid routine. The instructors made it clear early on that our skis are for access first and foremost.  Even though we are surrounded by awesome ski lines we are most certainly there to work.  This however doesn’t mean we didn’t shred the SHIT out of a 35 cm freshie run with 2% blower pow to get to our low elevation pit location..  2% has to be up there as the best snow I have skied in a LONG time.  Pillows and slashes abound, but about 98% of the day is spent nose to the pit wall and pencils to field books.

Getting ready to hit a 2% pow run in 35 cm new.. YEEEEES

Errant shot, but a goodie.

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