Hanging in the bunk upstairs for a minute and I got my work done a bit ahead of time to give a quick update from Valkyr Lodge. The lodge is a beautiful three story wood lodge.  A gear room downstairs and a large drying room at the entry to the second level.  The main floor is super open with views in all directions to possible ski tours.  The upstairs hallway has small bunk rooms on either side.

Valkyr Lodge

Our heli bump was cloudy but cool nonetheless. I liked getting out of the chopper and having it buzz away in a powder cloud and let the silence sink in around my home for the week.  The instructors are knowledgeable and the curriculum is slightly more geared toward industry (which it should be) than my previous American courses.  I really like being immersed in the snow world.  There is essentially no time to do or think about anything else.  Up at 5:45AM and out the door to -5F to get morning weather obs from the study plot.  Then it’s into class till lunch and out in the field till 4:00PM and our evening weather obs.  Then more lectures, dinner and homework.  All snow all the time.  I like getting into the rhythm and feel really comfortable so far with the requirements of the course.

Getting a lift into the lodge

My crew has been great.  There is one other American (albeit from Colorado, but he is still nice), one woman, and I am the lone splitboarder.  Most are from Calgary/Canmore/Banff or Whistler area.  Cool peeps to spend the evenings with sharing tales of avys and pow days.

Today on my tour I went to take some insulin and noticed the bubbles weren’t moving.  Just as I made the observation the vial turned opaque from one end to the other.  Frozen solid.  Standing and digging pits requires me to carry my insulin closer to the core, especially when it’s -5F or lower.  Thawed it out though.  No biggy!

Test pit on NW ridge of Stoney Trees

I think we are firing up the sauna tonight.  PSYCHED! Gonna be one sweaty, stinky pile of ski bums!! Hoping to get some clear sky shots and steal some photos from others by the end of it all.


B.C. backcountry – over and out.

7 thoughts on “Valkyr Lodge

  1. What a great opportunity for you. Sweet! Maybe have a little chemical handwarmer pack on particularly cold days for thawing the freezie bits?

    Hit Ski Bowl on Hood last night (Tues) and it was just puking snow. Cold temps and a foot and a half of fresh made for some fun times.

    Be well!

    1. I love ski bowl!! Sounds like crazy moisture is hitting you guys. Inflate your rafts in the low lands.. I moved the insulin to a closer layer and all has been well so far.

    1. 2% water blower on Thursday was insane. Fell at -7F. SO FLUFFY

  2. I think we need to get everyone together and buy something like Valkyr lodge for a vacation/ski bum cabin. That place look stellar.

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