So I kept telling myself that I wanted to get into town on a clear day and get some good snow shots to post. . . then I looked at the weather forecast.

The next five days.

Now this is actually the NEXT five days, but the last 10 were about the same save ONE surprise clear day..

Robyn headed up Benzene with Valdez on the far shore.

Valdez is no stranger to large snowfalls, in fact it has been named the snowiest city in America again this year for the umpteenth time in a row by the weather channel. This year was special however and the city of Valdez set a record for the all time snowiest December ever recorded.

And the grand total for December:

153.2 inches is roughly HALF of our average annual snowfall in just 31 days.  Thompson Pass a short drive from our house tipped the scales at 250 inches of snow in December – THAT’S ALMOST 21 FEET!

Valdez insulation. It’s fluffy and FREE!

From here on I will just post an album of the pictures we have gotten in the short week we have been back in Valdez.  We had another 30 inches of snow last night which brings our season total to 252 inches in town with over 6 feet on the ground and another foot forecast for tomorrow.  It has been truly fun to watch!

4 thoughts on “Under the Weather

  1. dude you get 30 inches in one night and we haven’t had any snow to speak of or worth anything in the last month. It is one of the lowest snowpacks in Dec. SLC has ever had. Just can’t wait to come up in April and shread that POW!

    ps that photo of the snow insulation is sick. the contrast of the white snow with the black bird. SWEET!

  2. It’ll come! Then you can come shred in the spring! SHRED DHRED DHDEFBJDE

  3. it makes me HAPPY inside to know that somewhere far far away, in a place called Valdez, some awesome folks are enjoying some fresh powder! Happy New Year to Valdez:)

  4. I….am….gobsmacked.
    Ramen and a case of deodorant on the way by dogteam. Keep feeding those little peeps!!!

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