We had a great day ice skating yesterday near North Powder.  With a big breakfast for fuel we inspected the ice and found it safe to skate near the edges but dared not venture out into the middle.

Robyn got new skates for her birthday

Robyn is a natural at ice skating.  Good thing too cuz I am not sure the ice could have sustained a fall!  There were cracks shooting this way and that, and you could hear the water beneath the ice reverberating sounds like star wars lasers.

Robyn slicing the ice

Fence leading into the ice

Jimmer kept trying to sit down for a pose but couldn’t get any traction to get his feet under his butt.  It was pretty freakin funny watching him spinning out his hind legs trying to sit.

Debut of our new skates! Fun!

3 thoughts on “Ice Skating

  1. Looks like fun! I love skating but haven’t been in years… Hope your bday was great Robyn 🙂

  2. looks fun–brings back memories from when i was a kid:)
    hope you two enjoyed the rest of your trip. it was sure great seeing you guys!

    1. We loved hanging with you. Can’t wait to do it again. Warm up your couch for us this spring!

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