We’re off!

Our holiday has begun! The travel was uneventful which is the best way to have it.  All our bags arrived, but we are now wondering whether it was worth it to drag our splitboards down in the first place.  Talking with Benny before we arrived we decided to bring our climbing gear as well and that proved to be an awesome idea!

Replacing the base material after placing the T-nuts.

Finishing touches with some P-tex and she was ready for action.

We searched online and Benny talked with a good friend to get beta on a nearby winter climbing spot.  The weather called for 36 F and partly sunny.  Totally manageable if the sun made an appearance.  We drove the short drive to Twin Falls, ID and Dierkes Lake to explore a new spot.  Ben and Tasha made the trip up from SLC and after a few cups of coffee and some breakfast burritos we found ourself wandering the edge of the lake with a grainy black and white photo of a cliff.  Without to much trouble we spotted some climbs and got to it.

Butthead 10a. Short but interesting.

Our first climb was Butthead 10a.  In the shade, this one got our hands a bit chilly and we decided to move around the corner to some sunshine.  It was surprisingly warm for 36 F and the wall was collecting the heat and feeling great.  Who would have thought we would be climbing on this trip?

Sanitary Landfill 10b

The rock was really interesting.  A bit sandy in spots but bomber and sculpted in others.  There were large broken huecos and featured pockets reminiscent of the Red River Gorge.  For our final climb of the day Ben and I got on Citation 11c a Dierkes Lake classic 7 bolt climb.  Cool steep features with a 20 foot pump section that included pockets on a blank face to some sloping pinches and rails. The walls were generally steep or overhung and offered great pumpy routes on featured basalt that surprised us all.  Perfect weather and interesting landscape and rock. I definitely recommend a trip here.

Tasha, Ben, Robyn, Ethan

After our climbs we headed down to Shoshone Falls to take a look.  As far as water falls go in the NW I was super impressed. Complex and large they were icing the steps on the way down to the overlook.  A beautiful view to end the day.  Off to Woody’s for a brew and back to Rupert we said farewell to our great friends.  The holiday’s couldn’t have started off better.

Tasha and Ben at Shoshone Falls

Shoshone Falls

Benny’s ice grill.

3 thoughts on “Split pics and Rodes’

  1. Yay! I’m so glad you guys got together! However… you look like a stick in winter clothes.

    1. Kat! I love you. It was so great to see those two kids, we love them so much. You just wait. Ethan will try to shoot up in the same room as you before a meal and you will run scared as I did. He is small but he is the same old lovable creature….. don’t be too scared.
      hugs still feel the same.:)

  2. In order to be the ultimate climber one must understand the ladder. Do any of you pups actually know what you are climbing? Another lofty peak to summit lies ahead of you.

    Ben and Tosh! You rock! Love you guys.

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