Good Morning! E and I are sitting pretty cozy at the Anchorage Airport, sippin’ on tasty coffee, patiently waiting to board our flight around 6:50AM. So far, traveling has been pretty smooth for us and by saying this, I really hope I didn’t just jinx us. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the final legs of our trip will go just as smooth.

We arrived pretty early this morning (around 5:15AM), checked four bags for FREE, and managed to snag the best seats at our gate. Hopefully, we will make it to Boise with all of our bags, no delays, and no cancelled flights. Knowing that bright, shining, and smiling faces will greet us in Boise and in Pendleton makes our trip even better. In the meantime, here’s a holiday photo that reminds me of a place near Rupert that decorates every year with millions and millions of twinkle lights. It is wild and cool, but I bet their electric bill is outrageous!