The Worthington Glacier is a Thompson Pass staple.  Only 15 short miles from our front door the glacier pours out of the high Chugach and down into Thompson Pass.  In the summer it is a popular tourist spot but in the winter it is rarely visited except by the occasional skier.

Strong winds have filled in many of the crevasses but Robyn and I were prepared with ropes and harnesses anyhow should one of us break through a snow bridge.  The snow was soft and the angle was prefect for Robyn to practice her turns.  Plus, it was just freakin sweet to be hiking up a glacier in the middle of the pass on a beautiful sunny day.  It was also the first time I had to try and take my insulin in the field and the -5 F temps made it all the more challenging!  I was inspired to get a quick video of the afternoon put together so check it out below!

2 thoughts on “Morning on the Worthington Glacier

  1. so sweet guys–hope we get to ride together when you two are in IDAHO! Valdez is SO beautiful!

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