The long Labor Day weekend wasn’t as long as we would’ve liked, however, we still got out to play in fall’s bright colors and cool winds. Ethan and I managed to swing a day off together and in usual fashion, made a quick trip to Wiener Lake and back. The four hour drive to Wiener Lake was a pleasant one. So pleasant, we couldn’t help but make timely pit stops along the way; stretch and jump, and snap some really cool photos of all the bright colors.

Road muffs

The weather was warm and a slight breeze made for a lovely evening. We pulled in to our usual camping spot so psyched and fired up on caffeine, we decided to climb a few evening pitches. We made quick work of the approach and managed to get in two pitches before dark settled in on us. Happy, we hiked back, set up camp, and crawled in our wormy-bags.

Fall flungage

The morning came fast, with a cold breeze and crisp temperatures. After breakfast, we hiked back up to the crag and enjoyed a sweet climbing day of neatly-featured routes; one with cool alien head slopers and underclings, and another with techy-balance moves. Super neat.

Flinging for Flungage

After a great day of climbing, we geared up for the four hour car ride home. However, instead of driving straight home, we decided to make an evening stop at the Wisner cabin. Here, we made a delicious dinner, sat by the cozy fire, poured ourselves a delicious Arrogant Bastard, and read the night away. It was a perfect ending to a cool day of climbing. Awesome, indeed.