Headed up Loveland

Imagine fresh, thigh-deep powder, bluebird skies, glorious sunshine, and your favorite riding partner on sky-high mountain peaks and ridges… Man, what a vision! Only this warm and fuzzy feeling was more than a vision, it was an incredible dream come true.

On Saturday, we geared up for a new line on the mysterious Bald Boy. Bald Boy proudly protrudes into open skies, has a steep face like that of a forehead, and softens up at the bottom with powder pockets, tree obstacles, and nice pillowy features.  We climbed and climbed, reaching a rough estimate of 1,500 vertical feet. After resting just enough to catch our breath and enjoy the incredible view, we strapped in and saddled up for a crazy ride. We slowly perched out on Bald Boy’s shiny forehead, moving past slightly windswept snow, down his soft cheeks. Ethan was braver than I and took the alternative route. He snaked alongside and jumped off the rim of Bald Boy’s nose, dropping a nice nubbin’ cornice at the tip. I tattooed lovely ‘S’ curves down BB’s cheeks and round chin. E and I met back up and tackled the pillows and powdery pockets on BB the rest of the way down. I looked back at BB and thought “what a line.” My stomach was full of antsy butterflies and excitement.  At that moment, I didn’t think riding in Valdez could get much better. Little did I know, Sunday had different plans for us…

Robyn cruising in the sun

Early birds usually get the BEST worm and if competing, I think we would’ve been awarded the shiny blue ribbon for the plumpest, juiciest, most beautiful worm of all — if you can call a worm beautiful.

On Sunday, we took an unexpected trip to the base of Loveland’s gigantic glacier. This involved hiking roughly 2,000 vertical feet over a handful of ridges and peaks to get there. Not only did we hike over several peaks, but I am confident they are some of the best in Valdez. 360 degree views of the Chugach Mountains and bright sunshine kept me in awe and amazement at every turn. We finally reached the base of Loveland Glacier and strapped in for a very powdery ride. The sky felt like it got clearer and the sun got brighter. The snow was silky sand underneath our boards and was quietly calling our names, softly persuading us to surf its vast landscape. Eager to ride, we prepared for takeoff and with an awesome high five, we took off, making beautiful carves the entire way down. Two miles of greatness made for a beautiful, absolutely awesome Sunday, and to date, is the best day of my riding season so far.

To end the epic day, we fired up the brew pot and brewed our smoky “BIG ASS STOUT,” which started happily bubbling away in our room this morning.
Early birds definitely get the juiciest worm and apparently, a tasty microbrew after.

Lucky birds.