After a nice morning of relaxation, french press coffee, and a hearty breakfast, we headed up the road to beautiful 46 mile. Our plan was to camp over at Sean’s cabin and on Sunday, tour up one of Valdez’ beautiful mountains. We set up camp for the evening, built a nice fire to warm up the -10 degree cabin, tried a new brew, and toasted to Sunday’s adventure. We slept well and woke up just in time to brew some delicious morning coffee, and watch the amazing pink and light blue sunrise wake up too. It was incredible. Fresh air, fresh coffee, and plans for a great day!

Getting closer

Over leftovers of pesto tortellini and several cups of Joe, we planned our day trip up Crudbusters. Never been up the giant mountain before, we made sure we were ready, layered (as the weather was approaching -8), and our bellies full. I think we were so excited though, we could barely eat. Another new mountain to tour, sweet!

We started from the pipeline access road near 40 mile, making our way through and around a frozen creek bed and tangly alders. We kept climbing up, up, and up. The views of the Chugach Mountains kept getting better, better, and BIGGER! It was absolutely incredible. With the sun illuminating the tippy-tops of each mountain and the sky crystal clear, we could see for miles! Oh man, just writing about it makes me want to go again… asap.

Sweet view of the Chugach

After climbing over halfway up Crudbusters, we decided, due to time and a little bit of fatigue, we would turn around, schralp down the mountainside, and call it a day. The afternoon was nearing 3 o’clock and soon, the sky would darken and the stars would appear. We changed over from skins and snowshoes to snowboard, strapped on our helmets, and with excitement tickling our bellies, cruised our way down epic Crudbusters. Ahhhhhh. What a beautiful day. My fingers are already itchin’ to go up again…