The shortest days of the year are almost behind us and winter has officially arrived, although it has seemed to be around since the beginning of October to me.  Our first substantial snows fell in town last week blanketing us with 26″ at sea level.  Since then however the arctic blasts from the North have been relentless and our beloved friend the jet stream is hiding to our south, much to the delight of PNW skiers.

Cross Country up the Shoup Bay trail

Seems we have a particularly interesting solstice this year, as the early morning will be seeing the second half a lunar eclipse and the night of the solstice will be a full moon.  Two separate bonfires will be going on that night.  One at 10 mile for our good buddy Sean’s birthday and the other up at 19 mile where friends are having music, fireworks and fun times out in the woods.





Robyn out front of PWSCC

With the crazy cold and wind up in the Pass recently Robyn and I have found the joys of cross country skiing.  Now, until the other day I could count all XC skiing experiences in my life on one hand and the majority ended in me crying like a sissy.  I like to blame this on my folks who forced me to lug a heavy pack uphill neglecting the very name of the sport of cross-country, not hill-climb-death-march.  Our experiences lately, however, have been great!  Turns out it is quite fun!  There is an impressive XC trail system here in and around town which the city keeps groomed, and the college rents brand new gear out for free.  Pretty killer.  Today we went up the Mineral Creek trails during Robyn’s lunch hour.  On the way back I faced a large hill.  Terrified I quickly gained speed and ate shit.  Determined.  I hopped back up and squealed like a girl down the curving hill reaching speeds which nearly assured disaster.  Making it down alive I felt a little thrill like I haven’t felt in a while.  Being completely in over my head but pulling it off.  So I climbed back up, and did it again.  And again, this time a little higher.  Till on my last run I shredded the whole run top to bottom.

Walking dogs at the City Dock









Mineral Creek Trails behind town

The dialog in my mind was actually rather entertaining to me.  “Oh shit this looks to steep”.. “Oh just do it you pansy.”  “How the hell did Robyn get down this?” “Are those my tracks from last time?” “Damn I am going to eat it.”  All the while realizing these were the same voices arguing in my head while learning to drop in on a skate ramp at my cousins house in Portland, hitting that retardedly large park jump at a Redbull comp at Snowqualmie Pass, or convincing myself to jump off a cliff into various rivers and lakes throughout the years. The point is.. it was really fun.