We camped at Mezadin Lake and slept in until almost 8:00AM the following morning! Yep, that’s right! You may be wondering how in the world we slept until then with only five hours of nighttime? I can’t really explain it, but I can say that it felt great! We must have needed the rest because we were sound asleep.

On the Stewart-Hyder Hwy

After wiping the sleep from our eyes, we quickly packed our gear, made scrumptious peanut butter and Asian Pear Jam hotcakes, oiled Trixie, and drove westward on the Stewart/Hyder Highway toward Stewart, BC, and Hyder, AK! This highway was one of the most scenic drives to date. We slowly enjoyed curve after curve of beautiful terrain, scenic overviews of glaciers, walls of waterfalls, and snow-covered mountain peaks. We arrived in Stewart to find a wonderful Bear Interpretive Center, hot coffee, and a morning jaunt on the Stewart Boardwalk. Hyder was also lovely and a very tiny, quaint town with a small Pub and local convenient store. If I remember right, the town of Hyder only had a couple hundred residents. It was tiny!

Yeah Bear Glacier!

Boardwalk in Stewart, BC

After returning back onto 37A headed north on Cassiar Highway, we encountered the longest, most desolate part of our trip. Endless amounts of trees covered the shoulders of the highway. We were, however, lucky enough to spot four black bears, a fox, and a very large, brown rump of an animal we could not distinguish because of so many trees. It was incredible and nothing like we’ve ever seen before.




Morning sunrise (4:50 am) from camp

After a long day’s drive, we finally decided to camp at the next open spot along the Cassiar Highway. It was a perfect decision. We rolled up to a nice long pull-off, with trees surrounding a glowing lake. Two homemade fire pits and a magnificent sunset were there to welcome us. We set up camp, cooked tomato soup, and basked in the sunset. Aside from the gigantic mosquitoes, it was breathtaking.