After Idaho, we were on the road again, only this time to Eastern Oregon. Here, we stayed with Ethan’s parents in Pendleton! On the way there, we met Ethan’s pop in La Grande, and gave big hugs before heading back onto I-84, where we pulled off to squeeze in a tiny hike and smell pretty flowers in the Blue Mountains! The rest of the afternoon was spent unpacking boxes and repacking boxes. We sorted through more stuff, got rid of a few things, and gained a couple more. The night ended with a delicious homemade salad, grilled steak, a fantastically brewed IPA by Bridgeport, and a peanut butter-chocolate chip mix for dessert!

‘rents place in Pendleton

The next couple of days were spent touring Momma Kat’s library, enjoying brews at the crafty Prodigal Son Brewery, buying coffee and muffins at The Cookie Tree, eating dinner at an artsy restaurant, The Great Pacific, and rummaging through maps and planning routes for our northbound trip to Valdez! On a rainy afternoon, Momma Kat gave us $20 in coins and told us to take it to Pendleton’s very own casino, The White Horse Casino! That’s just what we did! We rolled in with quarters in our pockets and high spirits. We came out on top, winning some extra dough for our big trip! We had an amazing time and cannot thank Momma Kat and Pops enough for such a wonderful visit! To top the trip off, Pops gave us some fishing poles for the gigantic salmon we are going snag in Alaska, Moms gave up a heart-shaped muffin tin and fabulous cookbooks, and irresistible Oatmeal Whoopi Pies were made! You two are the best! Thank you for everything!

Slanging’ Dough