After a few days in Rupert, spending time with Momma Suz, baking tasty treats, climbing at the City, bike riding, and packing Trixie (our car), it was time to begin the second half of our Alaska road trip! That’s right! We headed out on Friday morning to catch our newly engaged friends, Ben and Tasha, in Boise, ID, before they headed out of town for the weekend. We arrived in Boise around 3:00PM, met Tasha at their crib, and rode Tandem-style to snag a refreshing microbrew at a local eatery! Ben met us there for a delicious pitcher of Bridgeport IPA! It was a perfect night for friendship beers and cheers!

Ben and Tasha’s

On Saturday, the morning sunshine woke us up early! We scrambled some fresh eggs and veggies, and later, met our friend, Jayme, for gigantic pastries and bottomless drip coffee at Big City Cafe in downtown Boise! The morning was tastyyyyy! Afterward, we rode our bikes around town, had lunch, and met up with our other friend, Curry, for more bike riding through Camelback Park. That evening, we enjoyed more delicious west coast brews and watched Demitri Martin’s comedy flick, “Person.”

Camels Back Park in Boise

Another beautiful and sunshiny morning came early. We made breakfast burritos, stretched our muscles, and met Ben and Tasha for some bouldering at Table Rock just outside of Boise. Ben was a great climbing host. We got on some nice boulder problems before ending the day with some crazy crack climbing on the Table Rock classic Propeller Crack. The evening ended with a chicken fajita BBQ, friends, and more brews! Alright!

Ben at Table Rock

Curry topping out at Table Rock

On Monday morning, we rolled out of bed, grabbed some fresh coffee, and drove out to the Black Cliffs to rope climb! If you’ve never been, the Black Cliffs are a black columnar Basalt formation surrounded by dry, desert-like sagebrush, and a field of basalt boulders, both big and small. The climbing is quite different than that of what we are used to, but it was still super sweet! We had a great morning of hard sends and challenging routes! It was radical! Around lunchtime, we ran out of shade to hide behind and the Idaho sun was so hot, climbing was nearly impossible. So instead, we packed our gear and drove over to Big Jud’s Burger Joint for a world famous burger, fries and tots, and yummy chicken sandwiches! Delicious! That evening, we slack-lined in Hyde Park and ended the evening with a film directed by Chris Malloy called, “180 Degrees South.” If you haven’t seen it, you should!

Big Jud’s = Big Burgers

With our time in Boise at an end, we are off to see Eman’s sweet parents in Pendleton, Oregon! Updates and photos of our time in Oregon country are coming! Stay tuned for more! 😀