The last 4 days have been spent in Rupert, ID, at Robyn’s house.  We’ve spent these few days relaxing and visiting with family. Addy (Zack’s daughter) is now up and running around, and asking questions about everything. Just a few hours ago, I could hear her jamming away on her mini-piano singing a song only she could understand.

Addy picking flowers with “Rob, Rob”

Yesterday, we got the chance to explore The City of Rocks.  The City is only an hour away from Rupert, and the variety of license plates we counted speaks for its attraction.

The City has an incredible array of granite boulders and pillars stringing as far as the eye can see, back-dropped by the snow-capped peaks of the southern extent of the Sawtooth mountains.  It was crazy! Aside from being beautiful, it also provides a great mix of climbing. We took advantage of this awesome landscape full of rock and hopped straight on to a 3 pitch (10a, 10d, 10b) mixed route up the east side of the Morning Glory Spire.

One of the countless sweet views at The City

To end the day, we stopped off at Rock City, a cool little ‘One-Stop Shop’ in Almo, ID. This place had a little of everything: fresh food, groceries, car repair, and excellent beer. The last four days have allowed us to do some errands, relax, and pack up Robyn’s car for our push to Eastern Oregon to visit my parents.  So far, we’ve put 2,587 miles on our rental car before returning it, and have roughly 3,100 miles to go to Valdez! Wahoooo!

Summit of the Morning Glory Spire