Here is our road trip route to Idaho! Yippeeee! We only have seven days to accomplish this feat before returning the rental car in Twin Falls, ID on June 7th. We will be camping each night somewhere along our route and will cross through 10 different states, including PA and Idaho.

Our route to Idaho and Oregon

On Tuesday, day one, we will pack the car and drive to Cleveland, OH. Here, we will meet up with Katie, Jennine, and Leanne, three of my closest friends from Kent State University. We plan to have dinner at a local pub and sleep at Katie’s before our longest drive on day two.

Day 1 to Cleavland, OH

Day two will call for lots of coffee, fresh scones, and a new iTunes playlist. E and I will be traveling one of our longest days from Cleveland, OH to Tomah, WI. On this day, we will go through Chicago and the very southern tip of Michigan before heading north to “Cranberry Country” in Tomah! Gotta love us some cranberries!

Day 2 to Tomah, WI

On Thursday, day three, we will plow through the rest of WI and Minnesota to South Dakota! This is another long day for us! We plan to drive all the way to the Badlands and camp there for the night. On Friday, day four, E and I hope to get in a good hike and some site-seeing (Mount Rushmore), before heading out that evening to Casper, WY!

Day 3 to Badlands, SD

Day 4 to Casper, WY

Day five will get us through Wyoming to Salt Lake City, UT! Here, E and I will snag clean sheets and an awesome BBQ with our great friends, Doug and Puddy! We haven’t seen these two crazy cats since Christmas time and we are stoked for a warm welcome and many friendship cheers! Utah leads us into day six with an afternoon of friends, maybe a hike or two, and tasty dinner before E and I make our way to Rupert, ID.

Day 5 to Salt Lake City, UT

Our road trip to Idaho will conclude in Rupert, ID. We will meet up with Momma Suz and family, visit for a few days, unpack the rental and repack Trixie. We also plan to climb at some local crags before we travel north to Boise to visit Ben and Tasha.  From there we will head over to Pendleton, OR to visit Ethan’s parents and then it is on to the north for our Alaskan adventure! Be sure to stay tuned in. We will try to post more about our trip, and adventures along the way, and our route to Alaska soon!

Day 6 to Rupert, ID