This weekend has actually been a lot of fun considering we didn’t have any trips planned – unusual for us.  A few weeks ago I gave in to peer-pressure and agreed to help out with a departmental open house (EMEX) which attracts high school seniors from all over Pennsylvania to check out the College of Earth and Mineral Science.  To maximize the event, our department also invited several perspective graduate students to attend.  My job was to dazzle the tour groups with my levitation chamber and as I recall, I think I even received a few gasps along the way!  Six presentations later and I had fulfilled my obligation and was released to the free deli sandwiches in the weather station (worth it).  After a long morning at work Grigore, Robyn, and our buddy Pat and I went to a climbing gym down near Harrisburg (Climbnasium) to burn off a little energy.

Today looks to be shaping up like an average Sunday that we find ourselves in State College.  A big breakfast (thank you Robyn!), a trip to Webster’s and a quick breeze through the new clothes at the Goodwill.  Oh yeah, and who can forget the most important hockey game in recent history? Watchin’ that too!

Friday night will surely go down as the highlight of the week however.  It was Chris’ birthday and so naturally we made him a birthday cake made of skewered muffins and drank the remainder of my winter Snowcap stash.  Even though the muffin castle was tasty, Grigore gave Chris (and the rest of us) the best present of the night..

The final measurement.

Meet Randy.

Hard laughs, and funny pictures ensued – an overall great night. And now?  A lazy Sunday awaits.