“This state is 95 miles long and ranges from nine miles to 35 miles across. It is the second smallest state in the U.S.” Which state am I?

If you guessed Delaware, you are correct! It was here that Chris, Grigore, Ethan, and I spent two days roaming and wandering about. Our original plan was to stay in Philadelphia for the weekend and drive to Delaware to visit and enjoy beers from one of our favorite breweries: Dogfish Head Brewery.

Samples at Dogfish Head

However, while driving to the ‘First State’, we were bombarded with a blizzardy storm (eventually totaling a foot or so of fresh powder) that kept us from traveling back to PA. We made it to the Brewery just in time to catch a tour and free beer samples! Meanwhile, Mother Nature was still spewing snow from her wintry gates. After our tour, we slid around empty roads and through fluffy piles of snow to Rehoboth, a small resort town in Southern Delaware. Here, Chris sweet-talked the Receptionist for a fancy beachside room in the Sands Hotel for only $70! A nice bargain and a HUGE thanks to Chris!

After settling into our hotel, the four of us waded block after block in knee-deep snow to find a cozy, local pub called Arena’s. Little did we know that refills of delightful adult beverages and appetizers would make for a night full of fun and adventure.

“Let’s do this..” and “Let’s do that..” brewed with each conversation. However, only a few made our ‘must-do’ list. One must-do was a midnight ocean bath accompanied with large loaves of snow, gusts of 30mph winds, and 18-degree weather. Not to mention, the seaside dip in skivvies only! BRRRRR. So.. You may be wondering: “Did they do it?”

Of course we did! Seaside dip was definitely a go! I managed to swipe some epic footage of Ethan, Grigore, and Chris prancing ‘round and ‘round in their skivvies, dipping in neck-high waves, and sloshing through some major drifts. The best part: The memories made in Delaware will always be remembered. Grigore lost his shoe to the vast ocean and had to hop around on one foot for the rest of the trip, Chris effortlessly wiped out on icy, cement hotel stairs, and Ethan not only discovered plastic baggies as a replacement for wet shoes, but convincingly talked Chris and Grigore in to the salty Atlantic Ocean during a blizzardy storm.

Ahhhh, what wonderful memories. Thank you, Delaware.