After countless hours in several airports, E and I finally made it to our first destination: Rupert, ID! Yep! Momma Paul’s house for the Santa Holiday! YIPPEEE! We were greeted by singing elves adorned with twinkle lights, delicious homemade chicken and barley soup, and Salt City’s finest of candles, ‘Welcome Home.’ What a sight for our sore eyes, hungry bellies, and stiff limbs. We were home!

The next five days flew by. We spent the week fasting on delicious foods, nursing best coast brews, celebrating my turning of age >> the BIG 25, and enjoying the comfort of my family. Momma Paul baked up a storm of tasty foods for Christmas and several batches of Amish Friendship Bread! Addi and Hayden’s little feet frequently pit pattered throughout the Paul home, Nathan enlightened us with trailer after trailer of up-and-coming movies, and I tackled Ethan in several sessions of ‘Rummikub,’ a favorite childhood board game. Christmas at the Paul’s was wonderful. The Portland Trailblazers rocked the holiday with an amazing win, Ethan and I got new sheets and towels to keep us cozy in the New Year, and many priceless memories were made with family. My motto: ’tis the season to celebrate with loved ones, eat too much, laugh often, and be merry.

It was a perfect end to 2009 and a fresh beginning to 2010.