Rob gave me a tat to pass the time

Goooooooooood glory.  Phoenix? Salt Lake City?  But what about our bags?  I thought they were going to Boise?  Well maybe not.  Lets put it this way.  Total travel time start to finish of out trip from State College to Boise was supposed to be about 11 hours.  Instead it took nearly 3 times that long…

In short, the first leg of the trip went just fine, although it was late arriving in Philly, and that’s when the trouble started.  We missed our connection to Chicago, and had to spend the night (a whole four hours) in Philly before taking out chances on standby.  After a couple tries we were able to find a flight to Phoenix.  Not what we were expecting, but at least we were outta there.

Rob in the airport

More standbys and more waiting gave us no leads to Boise, so we settled for Salt Lake.  Arriving in Salt Lake we came to realize our unfortunate fate.  The airline we were on didn’t have flights to Boise!  WHAT!?  Why the crap did we fly to SLC if we can’t connect to Boise? Our only option at this point, short of buying tickets on another airline was to rent a car and drive.  And so that’s what we did.  Thirty hours after we started, and on four hours of sleep, we lurched into Rupert through 30 mile winds and horizontal snow.  Now we settle down and gear up for xmas! If only my bag wasn’t still in Chicago…..

So where the hell do we go now?