HELLO FROM MIGUEL’S!!  Day two of our week long Red River Gorge climbing trip is now over.  Another great day of partly sunny, high 50’s and perfect sandstone.  Came down here to Slade, KY Friday night with Grigore, Robyn, Erin and Doug in a stark white minivan we named ‘Reggie’.  Our other buddy Rob showed up this afternoon on his roundabout road trip adventure to his new home in Flagstaff, AZ.  Miguel’s Pizza is a really chill pizza and gear shop smack in the middle of the rocky labyrinth that is the Red River Gorge.  Every week, hundreds of climbers converge upon this spot to camp, eat, drink and climb.  Around the campfire, stories of the days climbs are shared and bottles of bourbon are passed.  All meals are cooked under a large shelter, and among the hissing of coleman stoves a great sense of community is formed.  At this point we are already looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner (also served at Miguel’s for $5 a plate).  Hopefully the pictures will turn out and I will post them after the trip!